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Tell Janssen to Stop Risking Patients’ Lives and Limbs

Type 2 diabetes is serious issue in the United States. Invokana was designed to help treat this disease by controlling blood sugar levels. While Invokana does help to reduce blood sugar levels, it does so at a cost — dangerous side effects. In fact, Invokana has such a high potential for harm that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has required its manufacturer, Janssen (a division of Johnson & Johnson), to place a “black box warning” on the drug. This is the highest level of warning required by the FDA.

Invokana works by blocking the production of a protein inside of the kidneys that helps glucose be reabsorbed into the blood. Instead, the excess sugar is excreted in urine. The problem is that sugar then builds up in the kidneys, without any extra insulin to counteract it. This can lead to a host of problems, including:

• Kidney failure;
• Acute pancreatitis;
• Lower body amputation;
• Diabetic ketoacidosis;
• Heart disease;
• Bone fractures;
• Genital yeast infections;
• Dehydration;
• Problems with kidney stones;
• Urinary tract infections;
• Abnormal weight loss;
• Abdominal pain;
• Kidney problems;
• Increased cholesterol; and
• Nausea.

Although numerous studies have shown just how dangerous Invokana is, Janssen has continued to promote it heavily, spending millions on advertising and other forms of marketing. In 2015, it was the second-most heavily promoted drug to doctors. Janssen has also pushed Invokana as a drug that can help other health issues, such as weight loss, reducing blood pressure, and improving cardiovascular function.

The FDA has issued warnings about the use of Invokana, but it is not enough: Invokana is still being manufactured and prescribed. People are still suffering from its dangerous side effects. Join us in demanding that Janssen stop manufacturing Invokana — and stop putting patients’ lives and limbs at risk! Sign the petition today to Stop Dangerous Diabetes Drugs!

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  • Brendan TestDiabetes · 6 years ago
    My family has been hurt by diabetes medicine.
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