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When you become a Guru, you become a member of a movement devoted to fighting medical injustice – a life-or-death issue that could affect you, your friends, or your family.

What is a Guru?

What is a Guru?

As the definition states, our Gurus are teachers and experts of our cause. They spread awareness about the dangers of bad medicine through petitions, online initiatives, and public events.

Gurus are on the frontline of our battle against greedy medical corporations whose wrongdoings have caused so much pain for victims. Through their efforts, Gurus help us educate the public and identify potential victims who could use our help.

And, Gurus are not just volunteers. They are paid affiliates of our non-profit and vital members of the greater movement.

Guru Nation

If one Guru is a foot soldier, #GuruNation is the army.  Our team of Gurus forms the basis of the entire movement that we are building.

#GuruNation is a collection of people who are all working towards a common goal: leveling the playing field so that victims of dangerous products can achieve justice against the massive corporations whose negligence caused their injuries. We can achieve this goal through spreading awareness, advocating for victims, and having an impact as Gurus.

Our Gurus raise awareness by educating the public about dangerous and defective products. This can help to reduce the number of people harmed by these products, and can be as easy as sharing the knowledge learned through Justice Guru.

They also advocate for victims by identifying victims who have been hurt by unsafe products to experienced personal injury attorneys who can help them get the compensation — and justice! — that they deserve.

Our Mission

The Mission

Our objective is straightforward: justice for victims of dangerous products, and change for the future.

How do we accomplish this mission?

  • Helping victims win settlements and awards for their injuries;
  • Advocating for stronger warnings and better testing of drugs and devices;
  • Petitioning corporations to request that they stop manufacturing harmful products.

Big corporations have deep pockets and teams of lawyers.  In some cases, they have gotten away with selling unsafe products for decades.  But times have changed, and we have a new advantage: the power to organize and to mobilize using technology.

We know that we cannot do this on our own.  We need your help, as one of our Gurus. Together, we can help victims find justice and prevent others from becoming victims of dangerous products.

How You Can Get Involved

You Can Be a Guru

What does it take to be a Guru?  It doesn’t take specialized knowledge or degrees — just a desire to get involved, and to do good.  The weapons in the #GuruNation arsenal include passion, caring, and a willingness to learn. That’s it.  If you want to be a Guru — a teacher — then we want you on our team.

We’ll provide you with all of the training and information that you’ll need. With our digital marketing packet, you’ll be ready to go out and change the world — and start earning money!

Gurus are people just like you who want to:

  • Fight Corporate Greed and Wrongdoing
  • Be a Voice for Victims
  • Advocate for Change
  • Be a Part of a Nationwide Movement
  • Make a Difference in the Lives of Millions of People
  • …And Get Paid!

Sound good?  Keep scrolling to learn how you can get started!

Get Started!

When you sign up to be a Guru, you are becoming part of something that is bigger than you: a movement for a better tomorrow.  By helping victims, raising awareness and advocating for change, you are helping to make the world a better place.

And of course, you can make thousands of dollars while you’re changing the world.

Joining is simple, and takes just a few minutes.  There are no requirements; you can help as little or as much as you want.  There are no strings attached, and no commitment! We want this to be a great experience for our Gurus.  After all, our ultimate goal is to help victims and to raise awareness. We want people on our team who feel just as strongly about our mission as we do!

You have everything to gain, and nothing to lose!  Join #GuruNation today.

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Aura BrooksVictim

“By far an excellent resource for victims suffering from consumer product illnesses. I didn't know where to turn and Justice Guru helped guide me in the right direction!”

Don Crawford Advocator

“I'm thankful everyday for being put in touch with this great team of advocators. ”

Keri Jones Victim

“I'm wondering why I never contacted these guys sooner! Seriously, they all have commendable talent in securing justice through their network, an amazing experience!”

Maria Sako Guru

“The experience as a Guru has been very rewarding, and I've made some money doing something I love – helping people!”

Jake GuitierrezGuru

“I signed up as a Guru a little over a month ago, we have to demand justice and spread awareness, and this group is doing it!”

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